Long lost update

So dead lately.. orz"
Current projects I'm working on is Boris still seeing I had a crappy weekend meaning didn't get to finish or wear it, plus, I would have been freezing anyway sadly. also, Kamui from X/1999 who i'm looking forward to doing and once get my black wig Subaru from Tokyo Babylon. Supanova is planned and glad my Syaoran costume will be easy.

Armageddon.. I have no idea what I'm doing, meant to be doing Takashi Komuro from HOTD and depnding on stuff maybe just do Subaru from X/1999 or Tokyo Babylon.

currell for now seeing as can't any good pictures of me at manifest.

Working on stuff

Still.. what the with all of this so yeah, I fail, LJ seems easier to do and stuff but maybe later when i'm feeling better and got PROject Geass running, our first meet on August 7th because you know, 10th is when I have bloody school and can't skip to run around saying how Britannia sucks and that Japan rules.
Anyway, my wigs for Seiya, Suzaku/Syaoran and Boris have now been ordered basically, hopefully Suza's comes in time so I can hang with my Lulu. (who is basically my god now? lol)

Seiya's fabric isn't in and tempted to tell the person ordering it for me to make it with my friends encase i don't have enough time but I've worked on Boris's stuff for two days and done pretty good on his shirt, the skirt is something I am ready to kill and toss out the window, really. Some pictures of his shirt and my dog's dog collar as i don't have pink ones for it yet.


Doesn't look that bad to me so I'm proud and this is really the first time I've made something with no help, not at all, no grandparents nothing. So proud, can't wait to finish and add the stupid zips and crap.


zomg, i have this again hahaha! i am such a noob. T_T
anyway finally, finally figured what i'm doing for manifest, yay!
i just noticed i think i got cheated of last year... isn't those under 16 meant to pay less to enter?!
anyway, i can't wait to work on my costumes, gotta wait to do seiya but still need to order his wig and then find some long extensions for his paintail (curse you sexy seiya D<)
i need to work on my shizuo costume but his wig, gah i hate you wig..
so far this whole year as far as i know i need to order five wigs. two for a photoshoot, two for manifest and one for crackcon #3. busy me.
i really need a job .. and a life, ahaha.
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NAME: Kira / Sakura
AGE: 15

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